2021 California Assembly District Election Meetings Endorsements

2021 California Assembly District Election Meetings Endorsements

If you’re a California Democrat, there’s an obscure but important election taking place right now, called ADEMS (Assembly District Election Meetings).  If you received a ballot, don’t forget to return it ASAP!  To be counted, your ballot must arrive at its destination by January 27th, so please mail your ballot back today!  The ballot instructions suggest mailing your ballot no later than the 22nd.

Assembly District Election Meetings, or ADEMs, are happening this month (but due to COVID, the elections are by mail this year). You may or may not have heard of these elections. They are important because they choose the delegates who will vote on the Democratic Party candidate endorsements in statewide races and the Democratic Party platform for state policies. We want to elect delegates who take our housing crisis seriously and will support pro-housing Democratic candidates and legislation.

On your ADEM ballot, you will be able to vote for 14 candidates: 7 self-identified as female and 7 other than self-identified female.  We’re pleased to report that in our region, there are more pro-housing candidates than there are spots on the ballot.  In each district, we’ve endorsed a pro-housing slate with 14 candidates (SMC Dems United in AD22 and Northstar Progressive Democrats in AD24). We’ve also identified additional housing champions who are running independently or on a competing slate who we recommend considering if you have time and prefer to evaluate candidates individually.  

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