2022 General Election

2022 General Election

We’re excited to be endorsing a slate of candidates and measures for this fall’s general election.  We’re grateful to all of these candidates for championing housing and progressive values in our communities.

Endorsement Explanations

State-wide candidates

Gavin Newsom

California Governor

Gavin Newsom for California Governor

In his tenure as Governor, Gavin Newsom has signed a beautiful flurry of pro-housing bills. Most recently, he signed AB 2907, which eliminated parking mandates on sites near transit. Not to mention SB 9 and 10, which repealed single-family zoning throughout the state. We are proud to endorse him, and look forward to four more years of his leadership.


California Attorney General

Rob Bonta for California Attorney General

Rob Bonta has brought an unprecedented passion for enforcing state housing law to the Attorney General’s office. His leadership of the Housing Accountability Unit and his dedication to protecting pro-housing legislation from NIMBY nonsense has earned him the title Housing Champion.

Endorsing chapters
  • East Bay YIMBY

California State Assembly District 23

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is a proud, full-throated supporter of landmark housing legislation to end exclusionary zoning. With roots in Palo Alto, Assemblymember Berman understands that it is not sustainable for communities to keep saying ‘no’ to new housing as the housing crisis continues. Assemblymember Berman believes in supporting cities to build the homes their communities so desperately need.

Assemblymember Berman has supported and co-authored bills that generate new funding for affordable housing, that streamline the approval process of certain urban infill projects, and that set baseline standards for zoning. With his in-depth technical expertise and legislative skill, Assemblymember Berman is helping the state make huge strides in ending the housing crisis.

Endorsing chapters
  • Peninsula for Everyone
  • South Bay YIMBY

Regional Candidates

Noelia Corzo

San Mateo County Supervisor District 2

Noelia Corzo for San Mateo County Supervisor

Noelia has a long history of activism for tenants’ rights, and has experienced first-hand the benefits that new, dense, mixed-income housing brings to Peninsula communities. Having seen families pushed out of the area by the housing crisis, she knows there is a dire need to build more, and in her professional role as a social worker, she sees the many ways people in our community are falling through the cracks. Noelia is building bridges with people who have been anti-growth and working to bring them into the YIMBY community, and is also a strong advocate for Seamless Transit in the Bay Area.

Endorsing chapters
  • Peninsula for Everyone

Local Ballot Measures

⛔️ No

Menlo Park Measure V: Require voter approval to rezone single family home areas.

This initiative would require any up-zoning of single-family zoning to be approved by voters. Putting zoning control in the hands of voters would be catastrophic for housing of all kinds and would likely be challenged by the state attorney.

✅ Yes

South San Francisco Measure AA

This measure allows the city to purchase and develop property for the purpose of publicly-owned social housing without requiring voter approval, providing independence from CA Article 34. Article 34 of the state Constitution prohibits the development of a low-income affordable housing project with state or local public financing unless a majority of the voters of the jurisdiction has approved it. Established in 1950, Article 34 has been a tool to legally segregate cities and make public housing highly infeasible in California. We support any effort to abolish it.

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