2020 Primary Endorsements

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About our endorsements:


Peninsula for Everyone is pleased to endorse candidates who share our values and vision for our region. For competitive races, our endorsement process consisted of candidate questionnaire (example questionnaire), evaluation by endorsements committee, and vote by our membership. For incumbent candidates, members voted to affirm our support for our representatives with pro-housing records.


Please find a list of endorsees below, along with a printable voter guide for easy sharing with friends and neighbors. Vote for these amazing housers by March 3rd! Check out our neighboring YIMBY orgs websites for endorsements to the North, South, and East.


Shelly Masur Endorsement


State Senate District 13: Shelly Masur


Peninsula for Everyone unanimously endorses Redwood City Vice Mayor Shelly Masur to replace Jerry Hill in Senate District 13. Masur would bring a wealth of experience to Sacramento, having served well over a decade as an elected local official on the Redwood City School Board and City Council. She is a dedicated public servant, an excellent legislator, a mom, and a renter. 


Shelly Masur is a champion for housing and advocates for policy solutions that meet the scale and urgency of our conjoined climate and housing crises. Vice Mayor Masur advocates for dismantling racist exclusionary zoning practices and was the only candidate to SB50. She advocates for a 3 P’s approach to addressing our housing crisis: production of homes at all income levels, preservation of existing affordable housing, and protection of tenants. 


On the production front, Masur supports higher heights and density near transit stations and making corresponding investments to improve public transit service. She also advocates for allowing more families to access high-opportunity areas by legalizing diverse and more affordable housing types (duplex, triplex, quadplex, more!). 


State Senate District 11: Scott Wiener


Our members in Northern San Mateo County are proud to be represented by Scott Wiener, a bold legislator who has spearheaded efforts to build more homes near transit and opportunity-rich areas like the peninsula. His bill SB35 enabled residential developments meeting standards for on-site affordability to qualify for a streamlined approval process, resulting in new affordable homes getting approved at record speeds. While we were disappointed by the recent demise of the landmark bill SB50, we’re excited to see what Senator Wiener does next.


State Assembly District 24: Marc Berman


Assemblymember Marc Berman held the line against NIMBYs while he served on the Palo Alto City Council and helped elevate pro-housing leaders on the peninsula. He is smart, pragmatic and fights for housing wherever he thinks he can get it. Last year, Berman introduced a bill to grant community college students experiencing homelessness access to safe parking. He recognizes the need for immediate responses to our crisis as well as long-term solutions to create more homes for all.


State Assembly District 22: Kevin Mullin


Assemblymember Kevin Mullin is a problem solver who consistently supports affordable housing. In addition to voting for bills we’ve supported in the state legislature, he is also willing to advocate for housing locally. Mullin pushed for public land to be used for affordable housing when a mostly market-rate development was proposed for the Peninsula Healthcare District. He also advocated on behalf of a long-resisted 100% affordable development in Moss Beach.


Democratic Central Committee: San Mateo County



Democratic Central Committee: Santa Clara County



Local Ballot Propositions


Mountain View Measure D: NO


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