Building a more equitable and sustainable future, together.


Learn about the pro-housing movement and how you can make housing more affordable near you!

Peninsula for Everyone is a grassroots regional action network of neighbors saying “YES!” to:

  • Inclusive neighborhoods with diverse homes and humans
  • Abundant housing and seamless transportation choices
  • Infrastructure to support active lifestyles and independence from cars
  • Beautiful dense urban places
  • Conservation of open spaces and natural environments

Our values shape our vision for the future:

  • Equity – Maintain and produce safe, affordable housing for all incomes, ages, and abilities
  • Sustainability – Reserve valuable resources for people, not cars
  • Neighborliness – Cultivate a welcoming and inclusive region 
  • Agency – Take urgent action to address climate and housing crises  

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Our Solutions

Policies we support

Legalize Housing

Allow more housing in every neighborhood, especially historically affluent and exclusionary neighborhoods, removing barriers to both subsidized affordable and market rate housing

Fix Incentives

Reform structures that incentivize communities to say no to new homes, including tax systems and car centric transportation systems.

Streamline Permitting

Make housing permits fast and fair, removing arbitrary barriers to both subsidized affordable and market rate housing.

Increase Housing Stability

Enact policies that support current residents having stable housing choices amid growth.

Fund Affordable Housing

Increase funding for subsidized affordable housing through a wide variety of mechanisms, including direct subsidies.